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N.R. Gordon & Company offers a broad range of value-added, peer-to-peer, financial advisory and strategy consulting services. Representing not only the client, but the client's point of view, N.R. Gordon & Company differentiates itself from other advisors.

Investor and Shareholder Relations

Public and private companies alike need to manage relationships with their investors and other stakeholders. We can help develop strategies and implement policies and procedures that optimize relationships with these important constituencies.

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Transactions successfully completed:

Private-to-public transition and pre-IPO planning for Strategic Timber Trust, Inc.

Threatened proxy fight defense of Centronics Corporation against a group of private investors.

Integrated investor relations and risk management program for Ekco Group, Inc.

Anti-takeover plan for Centronics Corporation.

Shareholder class action litigation defense of Centronics Data Computer Corp.

Common stock repurchase program for Centronics Corporation.

Dividend reinvestment and stock purchase plan (DRIP) for Ekco Group, Inc.

Shareholder rights plan for Centronics Corporation.

"Dealing With the Rogue Analyst" - National Investor Relations Institute panelist.

The Publicity Club of New England, Bell Ringer Awards, Merit Award, Financial Relations

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