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N.R. Gordon & Company offers a broad range of value-added, peer-to-peer, financial advisory and strategy consulting services. Representing not only the client, but the client's point of view, N.R. Gordon & Company differentiates itself from other advisors.

Private Placements

Private offerings of securities are extraordinary transactions for all but the largest companies. As these transactions are extraordinary for most companies, so are they extraordinary for their otherwise competent staffs. We can assist with every aspect of the capital raising process.




Transactions successfully completed:

Sale of $500,000 of common stock of New Choices Entertainment, Incorporated, in exchange for trade credit.

Sale of $3 million of common stock of WebGen Systems, Incorporated to an institutional investor and the simultaneous exchange of the company's preferred stock and convertible notes for common stock

Bridge financing for Book Tech, Inc., with angel investors.

Sale of $175,000 of convertible notes of Official Software, LLC to angel investors.

Sale of common stock of Avitar, Inc. to foreign investors pursuant to Regulation S.

Direct sale of preferred stock of The MicroOptical Corporation to The Hillman Company.

Private Placement $125 million of 9.25% Senior Notes of Ekco Group, Inc., placed by Bear Stearns & Co., Inc. and Smith Barney, Inc., pursuant to Rule 144A.

Private placement of $60 million of 12.70% Senior Subordinated Notes of Ekco Housewares, Inc., placed by First Boston Corporation.

Direct sale of a 7.0%, Convertible Subordinated Note of Ekco Group, Inc. to The 1818 Fund, an affiliate of Brown Brothers, Harriman & Co.

Direct sale of 881,542 Shares of Common Stock of Ekco Group, Inc. with to 1818 Fund, an affiliate of Brown Brothers, Harriman & Co.

Direct placement of a Farmers Home Administration Guaranteed Term with North Carolina National Bank.




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