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N.R. Gordon & Company offers a broad range of value-added, peer-to-peer, financial advisory and strategy consulting services. Representing not only the client, but the client's point of view, N.R. Gordon & Company differentiates itself from other advisors.

Strategic Planning and Business Plan Development

"Planning is everything . . . plans are nothing." (D.D. Eisenhower)

Through the planning process, we can help you develop, document and then communicate your mission and strategy to investors and other potential stakeholders, as well as internally. We help you to deliver your message, and use the documentation process to challenge, validate, modify and re-validate your plan, consistent with good business practice and the reality of the seed, angel, and venture capital markets.

Transactions successfully completed:

Business plan for The Water Company, LLC

Exit strategy for BioActives, LLC (a nutraceutical ingredient company)

Strategic plan for BodySite, LLC (BodySite automatically delivers program support and care information to patients)

Strategic plan for CredoMatrix, Inc. (a next generation, interactive media company)

Strategic plan for the Boston Business Alliance (“Where Business Owners and Executives Go for Answers”)

Strategic plan for Market Shield Capital, LLC (developer of proprietary investment products)

Strategic plan for Official Software, Inc. (intellectual property protection software company)

Capitalization plan for ProtonCare (USA), Inc. (developer of proton therapy cancer treatment centers)

Strategic Plan for VASE Incorporated. (wireless home applications software company and integrator)

Business Plan for NewCheck Systems, Inc. (bank systems software company)

Strategic plan for Closer Communications, LLC.(wireless applications software company)

Business Plan for Firetower, Inc. (information services technology company)

Strategic plan and related outsourcing and marketing alliance with Xerox Corporation for Book Tech, Inc. (print on demand custom publisher)

Business Plan for Boston Office Movers (office relocation specialist)

Business Plan for MediaGenius.com (certified receipt email systems company)

Program to enhance and protect the cash flow of Boston Office Movers

Business Plan for Book Tech, Inc (print on demand custom publisher)

Long-term capitalization strategy for Avitar, Inc. (medical products company)

Business Plan for CustomChat Corporation (internet software producer)

Strategic plan (and member of the external Strategic Planning Committee) for Ekco Group, Inc. (diversified housewares company)

Long-term capitalization strategy for Ekco Group, Inc.

Profit assurance plan for Empire of Carolina, Inc. (plastic products manufacturer)

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